We’re Becky and Tara.

We’ve been best friends for ever and it’s our friendship which helps fuel our passion for BEST MAKES.

We’ve always dreamt of starting our own creative business together. A place of positivity which makes people feel good. Creating makes us so incredibly happy and we hope our customers feel as much joy wearing our jewellery as we do creating it.

In our early 20s we went travelling together and dreamt of starting our own jewellery business. We were completely inspired while in Thailand, we bought lots of supplies and shipped them home! However when we returned we never quite got it off the ground, our careers took different paths, then came marriage, children and our jewellery business was put on stand by.

Since then we've continued to dream of running our own business and it's always been there bubbling away under the surface. One day in February 2019 while having a cup of tea in Tara's kitchen we decided to go for it,  take a giant leap of faith and BEST MAKES was born.

We pour our hearts and souls into our business. We are continually dreaming up new ideas and draw inspiration from everywhere! We love where we live and our beautiful beaches provide lots of inspiration.

We are so grateful to our lovely customers who have helped us to grow BEST MAKES to where it is today, we've got BIG dreams and we are so happy you're here with us.